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6000 Blog Comments

Blog comments are feedback or views created by blog readers on blog posts written by the bloggers. Our Blog Comments service will provide you with direct traffic, brand building, brand visibility as well as incoming one way links which help in SEO and keyword rankings.

Submission of over 6000 comments with backlinks to your website Permanent One-way Links Complete in 8 business days Detailed Submission Report (Sample report)


Are the blog commenting links permanent?

All our blog comments are life long and they do no expire.

Are the blog comments actually put on the page with the PR?

The PR is the actual page (blog post) that the link will be located.

Are the blog comments niche related ?

We have a huge database of blogs we can comment on and this list is growing. Where possible we do select niche specific blogs to comment on, however this is not guaranteed and depends on the niche. All we can say is we do our best to select niche specific blog posts.

Do you guarantee indexing ?

We can guarantee that the page we comment on is indexed by Google at the time of posting. No one can guarantee the link will be indexed; however we are 99% certain they will. If the link doesn’t get indexed in 3 months, we are happy to replace the comment with a new one.

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